Information Resources for Seniors

WebMD Healthy Aging Tips

WebMD Healthy Tips for Seniors

WebMD provides articles, tips, and advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle for folks over 50 years of age.  Trouble sleeping, want to feel younger, are you getting the right nutrients daily?  These and other issues are discussed.  Articles change and are updated regularly so stop back often. 

WebMD Healthy Aging Tips


AARP offers a number of online and print resources regarding senior living and assisted living options.   Weighing the Options is a publication about assisted living facilities. If you have questions about other programs you can reach AARP at  (800) 424-3410

Association of Mature American Citizens

Assoc of Mature American Citizens

An organization for Seniors that offers information, resources, and discounts for various products and services.  They offer an alternative perspective on how to best solve the problems seniors face today.  AMAC has stepped forward with a mission to restore America‚Äôs moral compass, to make America better.  Get more information on their website.

Association for Mature American Citizens

Ohio Dept. of Aging

Ohio has a vibrant and rich network of more than 450 full- and part-time senior centers, which offer Ohioans age 60 and older a place to go for nutritious meals, social activities, volunteer opportunities, health screenings, health and consumer education, creative arts, exercise and more.  Other information and resources are available on their website.

Ohio Dept of Aging

HUD- Seniors Information

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has programs that provide assistance and guidelines for senior housing.  You can obtain information on these rules and regulations on their website and from the leasing office of Knickerbocker Apartments.  


Leading Age Community

The Leading Age Community includes 6,000 not-for profit facilities in the United States, 39 state partners, hundreds of businesses, research partners and foundations forming a broad global network of aging service organizations.  Read Leading Age Magazine.